Friday, October 01, 2004

My back is messed.
I was kneed so hard in judo that my crotch still hurts even though I'm female.
My arm has taken on a stiffness that I cannot explain.
One would think I was getting old, or something. But I'm not. No, I refuse to get old. Young and immature forever!
I live in a society that's fixtated with youth. Civilizations of that past and currently all over the world have respected their elders. Indeed, looked at them as fountains of wisdom. But not in twenty first century north America. Not in this era and society where computer edited faces stare at us from the check-out line. People go through mid-life crisis, women pump themselves full of botox. Aging men who can finally afford it buy themselves hot cars. Stick figures stride down the runway. Our aging, those who struggled to bring us to where we are now, are stuck in nursing homes.
We practically worship our youth. They're not expected to take on responsibility. Crimes they commit are hushed and covered up. They "hang out" wherever and wherever they like. Creative talents, limitless ability, and physical primness is often wasted because they aren't taught how to manage themselves. They aren't expected to be able to think for themselves.
I went to get a cell phone, but no, not possible without a parents signature. So onto the insurance place, where I needed to bring my Dad along again. I'm apparently not capable of knowing right from wrong or taking care of myself. I certainly can't own a house. Not even a full drivers license. All because I'm not yet nineteen.
Yet I can get an abortion and my parents need never know about it.
Something tells me I can thank my peers for all this distrust and stereotyping.
Pick any time in history up until the last hundred years. By now I would be expected to be married and have three kids. Please don't get shocked yet. I'm not trying to insinuate that girls should be packaged housewives by time they hit puberty. I'm just making the point that we are actually capable of more then graffiti and pre-marital sex free of responsibility. Just ask it of us. We've led armies into battle. Created works of art, written incredible music. We've changed time, pushed the norm. And we should. We're young, crammed full of energy, and not yet stuck in our ways.
It wasn't until the fifties when the term teenager even existed. By time you were old enough you were expected to "grow up". Yet somehow about the time we became advanced enough we allowed our young to fall into a new category. We don't need them to help at home or do the labour anymore. Maybe it's easier that way. Easier for them and easier for us. Stuck in highschool for eight hours a day where we are bored, brainwashed, and finally set free tired and sick of "being productive".
So we rebel. But what the heck do they expect?
Now that I've said all that, I really did love my teen years. And I think we should have a shot at that in between time where we're not kids but not quite adults. Just, please. Encourage us show what we've got. To learn where we can, and reap what we sow. And then don't be surprised to see us blossom.
Yes, I live in a society fixtated by youth. I fall into it so easy myself. No wonder we don't want to grow up.
And I refuse to. I'm invincible. Remember, I'm young!

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