Saturday, March 12, 2005

Because people say I'm negative here is an expression of appreciation.
To Cor- thanks for being my most faithful reader, likely commenter, and the friend that is usually next door and not doing anything. Who knows how much boringer my life might be without you there. You are spontaneous enough to keep up. Lot's of crazy moments have you in the picture.
To Sped-Thanks incredibly for a month + of my life. Very frustrating that's all we have. Thanks for a stack of letters, and numerous laughs and not enough late nights since we were fourteen. Gosh, we were young. Screw it, young forever.
To someone we shall not mention-Thanks for nothing.
To Larry Norman-Thanks for Christian rock.
To God-thanks for life. And everything else that I'm thankful for.
To my parents-also thanks for life. If you meant to or not ;).
To Abby-Thanks for being crazy, young, and ready to do anything.
To Steve-Thanks for being cousin, and fun as of the last couple years.
To the twins and their mother-Thanks for introducing me to judo.
To Megan-Thanks for sisterhood.
To my brothers-thanks for brotherhood and hanging out when I feel like it, sometimes.
To the icecream lady-Thanks for icecream with attitude.
To Sarah (sis de Cor)-Thanks for being a latenighter and a pig.
To Jen and Amanda-Thanks for 7 through 10.
To Tia-Thanks for laughing fits, and an auntie's veiw with good times. Also, thanks giving me a pen and paper.
To the kids of LR-Thanks for the Spanish lessons, good times, and month not to be forgotten.
To essy and Ruthy-thanks for the fun of mailing people I've never met.
To Jen-Thanks for being honest and occasionally surprizing.
To Gram-Thanks for putting us in the neighborhood I grew up in.
To Grandma-Thanks for the making the best buns you can bring on a picnic.
To whoever invented denim-Thanks for blue jeans.
To my bosses-Thanks for hiring me and having the patience to teach me.
To other dreamers-Thanks for showing me it's o.k. to dream.
To everyone who helped shape me-check our your masterpiece, eh?
And I'm barely scratching the surface. How incredibly positive of me.

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SP said...

Not enough late nights. And month + is not enough.