Sunday, March 27, 2005

First of all, Happy Easter Everyone.
I had a day off and absolutely nothing to do. Until family dinner. So I sat, watched the snow outside, and read. It's been a while.
Then I came early to help Gram get ready. Let me tell you, I have crossed a certain line. For it was I, Kristen, who hid the Easter eggs. Instead of having to pretend not to see them nestled behind photos 'till after supper I was the one putting them there. And I just about drove my brothers insane with my wicked bunny hiding skills. But, that doesn't mean I miss out on chocolate all together. This kid isn't sitting down so easily.
*G*, I suppose eating my own chocolate chips out of my own bag might disqualify me for next year. And it might be about time. Everyone gets to be an adult someday. But that doesn't mean they have to grow up.

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