Sunday, July 26, 2009

I am so busy. There is so much worth doing. So many jobs to have, people to see, trips to take, books to read. Although those books have taken back seat these days.
It's so cool having to have a summer at home. So much at home. To know those I haven't known for too long. Work in orchards, which I haven't for too long. Ride my bike, which I haven't for too long.
I do love the mountains. I tell everyone I actually came back for the lake. And I suppose that's partially true. I want my seasonal work. But it's the people that are keeping me here, and that will be hard to leave.
How come I know so many awesome people? I don't take the time to invest in my friendships and relationships anymore. I don't know if I know how, really. Especially with the childhood friends I don't really talk to anymore. It's effort, time, and a certain amount of skill.
I remember thinking that as I traveled the world. You meet people everywhere. Awesome people you want to know well enough to stay up late and talk to. I guess maybe it's an optimism you don't see in me very often... But I think that for this planet to run as well as it does, the majority of people have to be pretty decent. And a large percentage of those are really worth knowing. It's almost mind blowing to think of all the people I would get along with. All the stories I'll never know. The amount there is to learn from others.
However, I guess it's worth remembering that there's plenty of people worth knowing in my own little hometown. Plenty of conversations worth having. Maybe if I put the work into it... And we were all just a little less busy.

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