Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So. Barefoot in summer. What a sweet time of year to come back. I think back to the years when barefoot in summer meant running through the backyard, driving a civic with my shoes off, stalking the aisles and feeling the cool tiles beneath my toes.
Then there was the year it meant kicking my sandals off on the way to my job at the hospital. Walking a small town path to a pretty big lake. Climbing onto the top of my metal bunk and praying for the girls beneath me.
Last year it was peeling my efficient runners off after a shift at the cafe. Volleyball sand between my toes. Running outside to drench myself under my hose.
This year I've gone in reverse. There's not even a little hatchback. No shopping for my own groceries. I'm climbing around in orchards hoping to make minimum, and coming home to my Mom's cooking. It's joking with my brothers, and giggling with my cousins. Nights climbing through the back door of our bus, and listening to Taylor Swift as I fall asleep.
It's my summer to be home. Oh, and to catch rides or my bike to the lake, river, and volleyball courts.

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