Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lovers in a Dangerous Time

First of all, our theatre is called the Tivoli, and has one of those spinning signs with some of those lights.  You know, the ones that blink and have the occasional bulb burnt out.  The inside is all gold molding and heavy brown curtains.  It's so vintage, and even if their reopening did close down the drive-in, I have to admit that it makes the movie going experience that much more enjoyable.  Nothing like feeling you've stepped back in time.

It's expensive, though.  So when a local movie was debuted tonight, for free, you knew half the town was going to be there.  Or as many as they could fit on chairs in the aisles.  Local movie!  Local.  It was entirely filmed here, by an originally local boy, with lots of localities in general.  Do you understand how unique this is?

Lovers in a Dangerous Time is the show.  It is poignant, realistic and not half as cheesy as it sounds.  Indeed it is obvious, as you watch it, that it is not a big budget film.  It has that small time feel to it.  Still, some of the filming is catching, and the storyline manages to be multi-dimensional.  The plot is surprising.  Certainly not least, the setting is beyond beautiful as they tribute the gorgeous valley in which they chose to film.

The story captures, more then I ever could on this little blog, the small town life I grew up in.  It acknowledges, in a big way, agriculture, pond hockey, bush parties, and many other aspects of where I'm from.  Obviously you can't go see this movie in theatres yourself.  The dvd hasn't been released.  Still, I'm a little proud to tell you that this is where I'm from, even if you can't see it.  The audience certainly appreciated it when he swore at Duck Lake, or the devastation of hail at harvest.

This is the best I can do.  The opening reunion scene is not the best of the movie.  But see that rink?  I've played hockey there.  See that lake?  I've spent my summers there.  See that bush fire?  I've gone Christmas treeing there.  See that orchard?  I've picked cherries there.  See those people?  I've known some of them.  This blog and my real life will never truly be able to meld.  But a little crossover can't hurt.


Allison said...

Freaked me out that the character's name is Allison. Movie character's are rarely named Allison.

Anonymous said...

We call movies like that here as "Indie films". Local movies are interesting to watch because it's more honesty and raw talent.

Ella Unread said...

That trailer is actually good and it's something I would totally watch. Not only I like underground movies but the soundtrack seems promising!

Jenny said...

I think it's cool that you have a movie filmed in your hometown.

It actually looks really good.

Joy DeTete said...

Apart from the 'written' parts, the acting actually seems really honest and real.
Maybe I'll see it sometime?

Lovers in a Dangerous Time said...

Hey everyone. Cool to read the comments about our INDIE film. Thanks. We the filmmakers Mark and May want to let you know that you WILL be able to see this film in the theatres. We have a full theatrical tour starting in the fall in bigger city centres. Get in touch with us on our website and you can get the latest news of what's up. We will be releasing a FREE iphone APP as well so you can stay up to date with touring.
http:www.inadangeroustime.com and check out the music that will be released officially in the fall also.
http://www.jbm-music.com He is fabulous :)
Cheers for the comments.
Hope to see you at the Theatres the way films are meant to be seen. :)))

Lovers in a Dangerous Time said...
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