Thursday, May 20, 2010

Break Out the Shorts

Some of my sharp readers will notice I've put my 101 in 1001 as a separate blog page.  No, you don't have to go read it again.  I have marked off all of two items so far.  However, I didn't blog about either of them.

So, I marked another one as in progress.  Today I waxed my leg.  Yes, singular.  My left one, to be exact.

I forgot how annoying it is.  It sucks.  And, ladies, I'm gonna confess a little secret of ours here.  It's a pretty good secret, 'cause most of us won't even admit it to each other.  It's not because it hurts that much.  It doesn't.  Oh, sure.  You're spreading hot wax on your skin and ripping out hundreds of hairs by the root.  It's intimidating.  But certainly not scream worthy.  We're female.  Most of us give birth at some point.  We can handle the waxing thing.

What's annoying is the mess.  You're hands are sticky.  You've got streaks of wax on your legs.  Drips on the floor and a smear on the jar.  Meanwhile you're bent double trying to spread more with that damn popsicle stick on the back of your thigh.  And if you're a paranoid hoarder, like me, you're trying to save the strips.  So the one you're using has already been used on the one side.

And it takes so long.

I'm saying I only did one leg because I ran out of wax.  It's true.  I need to get another jar and to the other one before they get on different schedules.  But it was kinda relieving to pack up and wash my hands in those silly vials of blue oil they provide.

So, in progress.  One leg smooth.  The other one still resembles a little bit of a jungle.  But now I have to remedy that.  I'll be sitting on my kitchen floor again, soon, getting up the nerve to rip my hair out.


Anonymous said...

Ouch! I am pain intolerant so i used to shave mine.

I do remember that 101 things you wanted to do. Happy you're progressing. I made a resolution for myself on my birthday last April and i think i haven't started anything.

Kara said...

Yay for marking something off the 101! Doesn't it feel great? The waxing, however, doesn't feel so great.

I tried it once. I ripped off patches of hair, but never once got a "smooth" leg, so I gave up. The only places on my body I can get waxed and not have ingrown hairs or horrible reactions are my eyebrows. I have to stick with a razor otherwise...

Coyote Rose said...

I don't think the pain would bother me so much, but i can't imagine the time wasted applying all that stuff. For me its just quicker to shave.

Allison said...

No worries Kris - my list isn't even finished and I haven't crossed anything off...but I have plans to complete some things very soon.

Way to get one leg done! Hahaha

Geophrie said...

I'm so glad I'm a man and can get away with a healthy amount of fur.

I feel your pain though as I have some very aggressive eyebrows.

TabithaVenasse said...

I've never actually tried waxing my legs.

I did try those wax strips once... and had such a bad allergic reaction that I couldn't even shave my legs for almost a month.

Kris said...

Six comments. Six different waxing experiences (or lack there-of). Who would've known I'd chosen such a controversial topic! :P

I really hate shaving. And I hate the constant need to upkeep that usually ends up being that nasty three day stubble (for me).

Carly Findlay said...

Ok so the biggest upside of having this crappy skin condition is that I have no body hair. So I never have to wax or shave or electrolysis or any of that!
I feel your pain about shaving though, for when I scratch my skin too much, it bleeds can sting in the shower.

Mel said...

I can't believe I only just read this post. My poor blog reading habits are only costing me. This is HILARIOUS!! Oh, and so true. I shave like a lazy girl because I can't be stuffed with the mess of waxing. Who needs it? Biggest pain in the arse ever.