Friday, May 28, 2010

The Notebook Chronicles

Snow is falling.  She watches as the cold minuscule pellets fly past her to the ground.  Getting lost in her hair so she hardly feels them, lightly stinging her nose and neck.  Her palms now, as she holds them to the sky, watching tiny droplets form on her skin.

It is time to walk on, she knows.  The thought of the last stretch, the tasks that need doing.  Life as it should be lived.  Still, she is not tired.  Longing to stand here a bit longer thinking of nothing.

These little bits of ice, their shape, their feel distract her, in their freezing way, from the hurt.  The same hurt that has simply sat at the base of her existence.  Not rising, not screaming...  just there.

Life goes on as it always will.  She trudges on, now, hands in pockets.  Her thoughts rise to their normal tasks.  Yet she is somehow refreshed by her moment in the snow.

Since I've moved back into my old place I've unearthed a stack of notebooks containing all manner of scribblings.  Recipes, French, drawings that are better then I thought.  And, of course, every sort of writing, emotion, and bit of teenagehood angst.

"The Notebook Chronicles," from this point forward, means that it's something I've unearthed from this stack of lined paper and ballpoint pen.  Please remember, they span the ages of of 16-22.  And I will go out of my way not to edit the bits that get spewed out here.


Allison said...

I have so many old notebooks, journals, sketchbooks...I'd be way too scared to post any of it.

Way to go!

Coyote Rose said...

Oh god, I'm glad i don't have any old notebooks lying around. I would probably cringe at all the emo-shit i used to think/act/write.

Unfortunately for me i had too many siblings who used to read my diary and then tell my parents, Or my parents read my diary. I just stopped putting anything on paper lest it get used against me later.

Kellie said...

I looove this idea!
I threw away a lot of my old journals.. I couldn't stand the way I wrote when I was 15. Or 16. Or 17. Or 18.. haha.
The one I'm keeping now is much better.

Kris said...

Aww. I would love to get a glimpse of your girls' old notebooks! Emo poems and all. I definitely am not of the throwing away variety.

Kate said...

It must be weird, and very interesting, to look back on what a younger version of yourself wrote. The closest I have to that is from primary school where we had to write what we did over the weekend every Monday morning - Not quite the same! ;)

Kate x

Joy DeTete said...

OH WOW! This is so exiting to think about. Makes me feel like I should be keeping better journals and doing more art for when I get older.
So looking forward to your perspective as a young person!

Jenny said...

That's such a good idea. I love finding things that I've written so long ago.

I like your snowflake story too. I have definitely felt that way at one point.