Wednesday, August 04, 2010

A Brief History of Because or Why Not

Honestly, this comes up if you Google Image Search
"Because or Why Not" 
That's right.  I named a post after my own blog.  It's a devious plan of mine, actually.  I'm a little upset that I can't google my own blog.  All sorts of other useless stuff comes up, but not Because or Why Not.  So part of me thinks that if I write a post with "Because or Why Not" in the title and scattered frequently throughout then maybe It'll eventually show up in the first twenty pages that I'm willing to look at.

Yes.  I'm confessing that I've googled my own blog.

Of course, it's my own fault for choosing a title like Because or Why Not.  I still really like the new title, I just am realizing no one will ever find it through googling "Because or Why Not."  Although, what kind of an idiot would google that combination of words anyway?  It's an ego thing.  There's cheaters out there like Stir-fried Dinosaur or Your Ill-Fitting Overcoat who get, like, the first suggestion.  Of course, they're also very interesting bloggers who have more to say then I do.  But other then that...

Because or Why Not spent years as Barefoot in Summer.  It was (another confession) The Cherry Life of a Tomboy for it's first two weeks.  Forgive me, I was sixteen.  Also had a brief stint as Cayenne or Vanilla.  Apparently at three AM I couldn't make the foodie connection.  It's used to be a clique blog complete with endless haloscan comments.

Late 2009 I came back to blogging.  Late March 2010 I discovered community blogging, and haven't looked back, yet.  I'm glad to have you!  Oh yeah, here at Because or Why Not.

Because or Why Not.  Because or why Not.  Because or Why Not.  Get it, Google?

So, I was gonna be all manly and post the first image that came up with a Google image search for Because or Why Not.  But then it ended up being this, and I realized there were much better looking ones available a few pages down.


Black Rob said...

Okay, I laughed my ass off at this post.

Google is a dick. I hope it catches on after this. You deserve top ranking search results.

Allison said...

Kris - Have you seen the stats section in Blogger in Draft? I'm mildly addicted. The search items that lead people to my blog posts are nothing short of hilarious.

You think your blog has is hard to google! I named mine way before joining 20sb and then realized how unoriginal mines is after joining.

Coyote Rose said...

Your blog is awesomesauce. Who cares if google can find it or not? Your blog is like an exclusive club where members have to know the password to get in. You don't want every schmuck finding it!

Kris said...

Haha! A combination of excellent comments! However, after leaving this for a night it looks like Project-Because-or-Why-Not has been a fail. I'll have to stick to posts about Skater Boys Stripping.

Rob, Haha. Thanks. You commented! :)

Allison, Really?? Blogger has stats? I just have statcounter on my site. Very addictive. And, yes. "My Boxers Too". WTF??

Rose, I feel infinitely better about it all, now. :)

Dr. Robert said...

Try too, Kris. That'll remind more of the search engines to crawl your site, giving you better placement in search results.

And yes, I did comment. I'm sorry I don't do that more often. But I probably should. You've got a great blog here.

Margaret said...

I put my actual last name in mine.

I get lots of google hits, but I think that's mostly because I've got a few man-whore exes who have scads of new girlfriends and they google the shit out of me.

Or, more likely, they're looking for someone else with my last name.

Kris said...

Thanks Rob. I'll give that a try.

And, yeah. Crymes is wonderfully conducive to a blog name. Even if I tried to use mine it's far to generic to generate any hits.

Plus, I don't want any exes finding anything on google. :)