Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dance Like Summer Will Never End

We'll blow the speakers by the end of the night playing last year's dance hits.  Everyone is here, now.  The kid in the fedora wanting to play dj.  There's always one.  The gorgeous indie girl kissing her boyfriend on the bale couch.  It's covered with a denim quilt.  The hipster, the player, the thinker.  Tonight this barn is the place to be.

The big dipper is visible through the door to this loft. I can lean on old silver wood and breathe in the field air. Fill my empty can from the hose or sit in the other room by an overturned washer to gossip with my best friend or chill with the guys.

We'll line dance, slow dance, and do the Macarena. Someone will teach me the Cha Cha and someone else the square step. Mostly we'll just dance and laugh and flirt a little.

It feels a little bit like prom night in skinny jeans and tank-tops. And a little bit like a bush party with a dance floor.  A little bit like the club we're trying to imitate.  A little bit alive and a little bit young. Christmas lights and a strobe light. Tonight we won't complain about the local nightlife. Tonight we've created our own.

You learn to love the summer nights here. The cool breeze on sweaty skin. An outdoors far too big to hold. Racing cars across the flats, evening fires by the lake, long talks and love and travelers to share a glance with. Autumn comes to soon.

I apologize for not taking any pictures of my own.  I came nowhere near finding a photo that captured this post properly.

This week I am Mama M's date from over at My Little Life.  Makes her the hottest Mom on my block.  I'm honoured, and a big welcome to all my visitors!

Also, I told you to visit The Spiraling Chronicles and leave a comment.  For my favourite followers in the world you're all pretty disobedient.  You're still the best, but you might want to think about it.


lalalalauren said...

Aw, that sounds like a fantastic summer night. :D Love it.

Rob said...

I don't have anything brilliant to say, and I'm always self-conscious about my commenting because I suck at it.

But I wanted to tell you that I read your blog regularly lately. Because you write beautifully a lot of the time. I won't even pretend that I know you very well, so maybe I don't have much of a right to feel this way, but I really really enjoy the way your brain works. I think you're great.

Kris said...

Thank you Lauren. It was grand, and I get another barn party this weekend. :)

Rob, I love all comments (except the fucking spam)! Yours are just as awesome as any others I receive. Except this one, cause I think this is the best I've received all month. Thank-you :).

Ps. I really like both your blogs too!