Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Things To Love About Road Trips

~ The opportunity to actually get tired of driving.

~ Taking photos (see left).

~ Ice tea and ice cream from greasy gas stations.

~ Flea markets, roadside stalls and garage sales.

~ Young international hostel crowds.

~ Feeling like a rebel spending nights in the car.

~ Adventure.

~ Couchsurfing.

~ City streets and checking off a list.

~ Coast line, mountains, plains, rock formations and sunsets.

~ Hiking, swimming, stretching after sitting too long.

~ Fresh visits with old friends.

~Never feeling restless.


Allison said...

I did a bit of road trippin' myself recently - but not really. More like day trippin.'

I did buy knick knacks in a small town.

Hotcakes said...

my boyfriend and I tried road tripping from San Francisco to Vegas.

He was the only one driving.

I bet he doesnt want to do that again. next time we gonna take a plane.

BUT THE JOURNEY GOiNG THERE. now it was indeed memorable :) worth every minute

Anonymous said...

I'd add:

- the open road.
- coming up with playlists for hours of music.
- thinking space.

Kris said...

Mmm. Also good ones!

Allison, quite enjoyed your blog posts on your little adventure!

Hotcakes, I guess flying has advantages too, but you're right. It's all the journey :)

JewelandtheSun said...

I want to go on vacation again soon so I can take a variety of photographs, and not just what I see here in my local town.

Kris said...

Do it!