Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Good Charlotte, I just want to live is playing on msn radio right now. And after that it's Linkin Park. So I'm sitting here thinking of what I can possibly write after spending time doing just about every other meaningless computer task that I can think of.
My family has just gone to bed. Even Meg has closed her book and turned in. Not before her incredibly hilarious Megan-the-geek impressions. I think I'm about the only person that has ever seen them. And I'm probably about the only person who would appreciate them. The sad part is they're almost half true. She just needs some thick rimmed glasses. But they're so funny!
She is almost comparable to Harold off the red green show. He's about my favourite character. Red green is a boring personality. It's his stunts that are a laugh. Where as Harold just a hilarious guy. Common. Can't you picture him now.
"But Uuncle Rrred. I don't know if officer Jim would like that. Aheaaa."
I hope you've seen the show and can imagine him saying that. He's a blast!
What else? I'm not working a lot of mornings right now. I just have long afternoons with extra farm jobs. I'll be driving the mixer. I hate driving the mixer. Last year during the two weeks that I had to do so I hit just about everything within a ten mile radius.
My older boss usually does it. But he's off to Korea. Lucky guy. But he deserves it. He's been up with me or Cheryle every morning since his two weeks last year.
I hope I'm retired by time I'm his age. If I'm not then I'll probably be bitter.
And my songs are over. So I'm off to home. To stay up as late as I think I can get away with. Seeing as I don't have to get up for the next couple mornings.
Then again, I don't have any books right now. And what else is there to do in this life if one doesn't have any movies, books, or a computer?
That sounded really lame.

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