Friday, April 15, 2005

I live in a small town. And, as of yet, I don't drink. I'm sure you can figure out that means that you have to be imaginative to find new and exciting stuff to do.
Before I get going I'm off on just one tangent. I'm not saying that there's much more to do in the cities, other then club, which is the same difference as drinking. So I'm just pointing out that I'm not dissing small towns. Oh, and sometimes a good concert or something will come in, but whatever. In large there's not much more to do. Just more stuff to get involved in, if that interests you. But there's stuff to get involved in here too. It's just a point of getting one's butt off one's couch. You just might have to choose between judo and karate instead of judo, karate, tae-kwon-do, get my point. Plus here you've got the lake, the mountains, need I say more?
Tangent over.
So tonight we went to the gymnastic's year end show. Hey, it's something to do. And talented gymnists never fail to amaze me. Meg and Mom (who decided she was coming) piled in my car and we hit the highschool.
In large it was kinda slow, and a tad boring. But some of it was worth watching. Yeah I'm glad I went. It was impressive, to a girl like me. But let's just say we're not currently producing any olympians.
So it was getting dark when we got home. But Meg had to show me her "handspring". Ends up she can kinda do them. But they're not what I would call a ten. I don't think I saw her do any where she landed exclusively on her feet. Still, I had to give it a go. So away I went. Within five minutes I had scuffed arms, grass stains on my jeans, and an ankle that was landed on funny. But the thing is I was giving it.
When I learned breakfalls for judo I had to train myself to keep my right leg staight. so now it's coming back to haunt me since I kept only getting my left under me.
We got on the trampoline and after a few minutes any agility I had in my youth started coming back. I was nailing handsprings and landing flips. But, heh, the extra bounce you can get on a trampoline kinda helps. Plus, it's a lot easier on the body to land wrong on there then if you try it on solid ground.
My triumph of the night was back handsprings. I've never done them before in my life. But once I got over the throwing myself backwards onto my face with only my hands to stop me I could do them well.
The feeling of power, people! The feeling of power. I told you they were fun. And, man, they are.
Meg was pumped after a week of keeping heavy on the textbooks. And it was good for her.
So, now I just have to teach myself to do them on the lawn. I have a lot of learning to do.
But there is a general point to this post. It's gymnastics in the cold air, the rapidly growing dark, barefoot, and with rain drizzling around you. You can feel the blood pumping through your fingers. Your sister is encouraging you, and you her. You take turns flipping your body through the air, sometimes succeeding, sometimes failing. Always coming back ready for more.
Gymnastics after dark in the rain.
It would be hard to beat as far as feeling alive.

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