Tuesday, April 19, 2005

So my Mom is celebrating her fortieth b-day today. I put together for her use something that she needs muchly. I presented her with a midlife crisis starter kit. I tell you, it was freaking embarrassing buying some of the stuff in there. The silver lipstick was somewhat so. But was nothing compared to the second-hand lingerie (I don't even know how to spell that) or the wanna-be leather skirt. The funky hair streaks were a bit odd too. As I tip-toed up to the counter with my curly mop of hair looking like I'd just crawled out of bed. Which I had. Yup, it was good fun. If mildly insane.
One of the items she is now the lucky owner of is a hideous yellow bikini with pink flowers. When she was showing them to her friends this one prompeted much comment. One of the popular ones was that she should wear it. Or that they knew someone who would want it if she didn't.
One lady said, "I wish I wore a bikini when I could." She was completely serious too. Like she was honestly sorry she didn't.
This caused Meg to giggle in my ear, "You never know what you'll regret, eh?"
It made me think, what if I get to be fourty and wish I had spent my teen years prancing about in halter tops and mini skirts? It's stupid how one innocent comment can make you reconsider your morals. If you can, why shouldn't you hang-out at the beach in nothing more then panties made out of swimsuit stuff? Heck, you're only young once.
Well, I really don't like the thought of guys looking at me for more then who I really am, for one. And if wearing something less then decent will cause them too sin then it's a sin for me to do so. covering up is the most basic of morals. It's my body and will be that way unless I get married. And were I to, it would be only right that I'd have saved it for him.
Well, that and I'm just entirely not a halter top/mini skirt girl. :). Dressing as such would be anything but real to myself. I'm much more at home in my bluejeans and tank-top. Or cargo shorts and plaid shirt.

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