Sunday, April 24, 2005

This is a random minute of my time over the past week or so. I would never have thought of it except I was just picking a scab on my leg. Which reminded me of how I got it.
We were building a new feed bunk at work and I was recruited to help. Because of my experiance working with Dad my current boss expects me to know what I'm doing. I'm not completely helpless because I have logged a decent number of hours in construction. But I just completed the jobs as I was told to do them. I had never tried commit everything to memory. Or anything, for that matter. I wouldn't even gone out of my way to figure out how or why.
Stick this board exactly ten feet below the trusses using the screws out of the green box (not an actual senerio I would suggest well building *G*)? Consider it done. Just don't expect me to know why I'm doing it.
But if nothing else I know how to reverse a screw gun and what a snap tie is.
So on with my story. We were using chunks of plywood instead of forms to build the dividers in the bunk, and I was put on constructing one of them almost in the complete. Which was fine. I had it all up and then had to drill holes in the plywood for the snap ties. So I put the massive drill bit on and start drilling. It wasn't real easy since the boards kept sliding around, but I was getting it done.
So I straddle the board I was trying to drill and I'm excerting as much pressure on the dying drill as possible when it broke through. Which is good. Another hole done. Only this time I had stupidly placed my leg directly behind where I was drilling.
I barely felt the bit on my leg and started immediately pulling it back. But it wasn't coming very easily.
Oh man! I've stuck the bit in my leg! And now I'm in shock and I can hardly feel it.
Pull, pull. No I'm not panicing. Oh yes, I am, this is stupid.
My aunt stuck a chunk of rebar through her leg and pulled it out thinking it had just gone through her jeans. That's what's happening to me!
K, boss can't see. Hang on, if I can't walk boss should definitely see.
Quit pulling!
K, look down see how bad it is.
I honestly expected my jeans to be soaking through with blood, and I kept yanking with various degrees of irrational thought the whole time. Ends up just the pointy end of the bit had jammed into my leg and the rest was just twisted up in my jeans making it hard to pull out, which was why I thought it was in the skin. Had I taken time to think it through, it would take a whole lot more then the pressure I was putting on it to stick the thing in my leg so quickly.
But it's a bit odd. To think that I, along with the rest of the human race, is prone to panic and shock.
It was just funny. 'Cause it's the closest I've ever been.
And one thing about doing construction at work. Makes me figure the more I know that better. My boss seriously asked if I'd want to build my own house. At the time it seemed ridiculous. But hey, he says it's one of the best things he's ever done.

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