Thursday, May 26, 2005

Balancing on the rail. Barefoot, cleats dangling from one hand. Cargo shorts with the sun sinking towards the mountains. Sounds nice doesn't it?
Well I passed my Grandma's. Which changed my train of thought. It's ironic. The place she thought she'd live the rest of her days. Where's she's built two back room businesses, and a library. The place she's filled with Grandma-junk and made only her own. The place she was given a three month eviction notice on.
Why ironic, you may well ask. Well...she owns it. It's hers. And she's being thrown out. Why, you may well ask. The stupid highway department wants to straighten out the stupid curve in the road.
I suppose I'm getting my terms mixed up. Because I was under the impression that it's communism where the government control's all the land. Or dictatorships where they do whatever they like. I thought free democracy was supposed to be, well, free. And democratic.

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