Thursday, May 19, 2005

I've never seen much vigerous attempt to recruit young Canadians, until today. The navy had a trailer complete with video clips, sumbarine looking thingys, computers, and plenty of reading materials, all aimed towards getting me to join them.
It most definitely has it's pros and cons. Ultimately, I wouldn't go that route. Three reasons, primarily.
1. I'm too scared of comitting a full nine years of my life.
2. I hate the fact that they could ship me off to war at any time. I much prefer to be my own girl. I don't feel any need to be broken. And I probably wouldn't agree with their reasons to make me risk my life anyway.
3. Spending continual time in navy type company is probably something I don't need.
All the same, it was interesting. They would pay your university. You see the world and retire early. You get in wicked shape.
And, hey. I got to spin the wheel and they gave me a free portable radio. Which was what I wanted most. Everybody got something different compliments of the Canadian tax paying public.
Oh yeah. I also bought this awesome set of chopsticks. I went for the more expensive ones. 'Cause they were so hot. And now I just want to keep eating stuff so I can use them.

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