Friday, May 13, 2005

I pushed my sister backwards off a church railing. It was hilarious, but only because she didn't get hurt. Jen maybe didn't think so though.
I got pm off last minute today. So I hit our second-hand best-in-Canada place and bought food. I love buying food. Maybe someday it'll become a chore. But for now I may as well enjoy it. Plus, it's nice to come home and actually have choices when I open the fridge.
I couldn't do the lever on the tractor one day. I was mad, and muttered for two days about how I hated being a girl. But it ran like a hot knife through butter then next time, so I felt better.
I am the owner of a pearl necklace. When I dress-up (once/twice a year), I prefer funky. But what girl wouldn't want to own pearls once in her life? Now I can pair it with my high class fur coat. I kid you not on either count.
I am going to be working very long(12-14) days over harvest. Probably. Tractor work. Whoo hoo. Beach babes, your tans will be nothing. I will be a heavy competitor in most-likely-to-develop-skin-cancer section.
I am reading Wodehouse on Crime. I can't help but think Wodehouse on Crack. But he has a, umm, unique writing style. And I have been forced to laugh out loud on several counts.
I wish I had a life.

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