Friday, May 06, 2005

My boss went into a state of absolute shock when he found out I'd never watched Star Wars. Not a single one. He staggered around the parlour gasping for breath and clutching his chest.
"Kristen ------, where have you been!?"
His advice was this. Next time I have a day off I must rent them. All. And then sit around in my p.j.s and watch them straight through. He says that way I'll be ready to stand in line when the fifth one comes out.
Oh yay.
I'm eighteen, and I've never seen Star Wars. Any of them. Do I really want to give that up? I'm still deciding whether or not to take him up on it. I really doubt that I will. I suspect I wouldn't be starwar freak. At all. We all know the sort. The people that argue over which light sabre has more power and over intricacies in the fight scenes (having never seen them I have no idea what I'm talking about).
"What do you watch then!?"
Well. I dunno. Ironically, watching movies is more of a social thing to me.
"Hey, Kris. Let's get together and watch a lighted box that allows for absolutely no conversation or social interaction".
I'd really prefer not to be a person who needs to see the latest Johnny Depp/Drew Barrymore/Brad Pitt movie. Those kind of people scare me. Really, there's enough in my own life. I have no need to get involved with actors on screen. The people that have to always be watching movies, don't they wonder about their own lives?
But maybe someday I'll need a good brain numbing. So I'll keep the opportunity in the back of my mind.
I don't mind a movie now and then. Especially with friends. Or if it's either funny or thought provoking (to the extent that movies can be). But...yeesh.
I know enough to get it when my boss tells me, "Good luck, young Jedi". Although from now on I suspect that I won't get that line. At least not without him going on about my lack of education in modern entertainment (speaking of which, I love it when my boss calls me, "kid". Although I think he tries not to now. Figures I'm really a woman, or something. Pah)
Anyway, I figured I better not mention that I've never seen any LOTR. I'd done enough damage to his nervous system for one day.
But it was funny. And I spent half the time I was washing down the parlour grinning about it like crazy.

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