Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Facebook Feed: Today's Highlights.

I simply can't get over how amusing people can be.  Here's what's coming up on today's feed.  Couldn't help but share.  Please remember, the grammar is not mine.  

"NEW RECIPE!!! try this and let me know what you think. Get a banana or two and mash it good, then mix in a handfull of raisins, then rap it in large sliced dill pickels, then garnish with mushroom. SOOOOO amazing."

"the Scrabble gods are trying to screw me over: 'AAAAIII'. What are the odds...."

"Justin Bieber: You may think he is manly but then you compare him to.... Bruce Lee, Sylvester Stalone, Jackie Chan, Arnold Swarzenblabla, My aunt, Antonio Bandaras, Nicholas Cage, Tom Cruise, Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Mila Jovich, and Roberto Luongo. DOESNT SEEM SO MANLY ANYMORE DOES HE."

"We made it to new mexico! And no we did NOT arrive in a yellow submarine. Now to find this horse and haul buns back home!"

"all good is hard. dying, loseing, cheating, and mediocrity is easy. stay away from easy."
Ok.  That one isn't particularly funny.  It just stood out.

"Welcome, everyone, to TBG! We're very excited for kick-off, and are happy to have you on board! We hope you choose to participate in the internet's first ever random acts of kindness contest.
Remember to visit our website! www.goaheadmaketheirday.com"

-You mean to tell me you haven't visited our Facebook Page yet?  That's even as bad as the fact that you haven't visited the homepage.  Click the link.  Click it now!  No, wait.  Finish the post and then visit.

 "...Likes old trucks now. Time to trade in the Dodge."  
-This one is compliments of an Alberta Boy.  I believe we've discussed them before.

"a que TROP hâte à demain soir...pour être avec lui TOUT le Week-End !!! :D"
-For my Francophone friends, little taste of the Quebecois Frenglish that constantly show's up in my feed.

I actually drafted these out last week, which is why the timing may seem a little off.


Allison said...

Love the Beiber one!

Anonymous said...

Hahahah...i loved the Beiber one too!

Kris said...

Yeah. That one made me chuckle :)