Monday, June 21, 2010

What's Your Happy Song?

So in Mexico, as in any third world country, you can buy bootlegs off any street corner.  They'll have crackly speakers set up blaring Ranchero, cheap American hits and general noise surrounded by displays of dollar c.d.s in plastic sheaths.  The difference between Mexico and most other countries where I've indulged my criminal side is that the Mexican vendors have a fondness for creating their own mix c.d.s.  You can buy albums called "Coca Cola Cowboy Americano."  The cover art will be a milk cow and Laura Croft Tomb Raider on a psychedelic purple background.  Got the picture?

My sister brought one of these mixes home for me once.  This one is "Exitos TAZAMANICOS 2007" and has a very mild cover with Taz ripping something to shreds.  The play list is, as always, very hit and miss.  However, there was one song that promptly jumped out at me as my happy song.

How, exactly, is a happy song defined?  Basically if it is impossible to be crabby well the song is on, it's a win.  It won't be it the same for everyone.  The first friend I knew with a happy song would proudly blast Celine Dion and declare how it made her cheerful.  I didn't find it had the same effect for me, but to each their own.

Now, this one is awesome, though.  Listen to it!  I'm sorry, but how can that not pick up your day?  It's Yofo by Molotov.  Honestly, I have no idea what sort of nonsense they're on about.  I've also never listened to anything else by them.  But I love whistling along with this one.

Tell me your personal happy song.  I will do my best to look it up.


rebecca joy said...

for me, it's a toss up between "walkin' on sunshine" by katrina and the waves... and "blister in the sun" by violent femmes. WOO!

Anonymous said...

Oh i love "walkin' on sunshine" too but with aly and aj's version.

Allison said...

Pop Song 89 by R.E.M.

иικκι јо♥ said...

"Tell it to my Heart" by Taylor Daine. Heard it this morning =)

Ella Unread said...

Ahahaha, we have the same mixed CD's and they even print the list songs with spelling mistakes!
Btw, I love that song, Molotov is great!

Kris said...

Yay! I listened to four other happy songs. I must admit, I don't see the happy value of REM, but it's still a great song. The music video for "tell it to my heart," I'd never seen before. And that's well worth smiling for. The others are just classic!!

Ella! I'm so glad you read this. Are they singing complete nonsense?