Friday, July 30, 2010



I'm in love with summer thunderstorms.  They fill me with energy, and I'll shout out loud.  I love standing on the deck in the rain.  I love the powerful roll of thunder, or the dance of lightening.  I've been guilty of lying on my tin roof and watching the sky light up around me.

I've realized I don't very often write about what's actually happening in my life.  At least not often and not directly.  July has been brilliant to me.  I've camped like a gypsy in a field of wildflowers with people I love.  I've managed to get in every trip despite having a real job.

I spent a week at a music festival.  I saw bands I've listened to for well over a decade.  I acted a little bit fifteen.  I turned twenty-four.  Oh, did I forget to mention that?  This age jump seems more significant the the ones surrounding it.  I've dealt by ignoring it.  But I think I'm actually pretty at peace with it.  Other then the fact that I'm no closer to being set in life then I was five years ago.

July is never long enough.  I haven't hung out at the river, and I haven't dived into the lake nearly enough.  I haven't harvested a single cherry.

And now I sit and type towards the end of a summer storm.  The sun is coming out again.  It's the end of the July where I turned 24.  It means more to me then New Years.  More reflection, more need for direction.


Allison said...

It feels like July 1 was yesterday. Where did the time go?

Kris said...

No kidding, hey!? Then again, I'm resigned to the fact that July'll be about the shortest month of the year. Screw February.

- B said...

Happy belated birthday! My #1 goal for 2010 was to go to a music festival (never been) so I'm totally envious of your week long music fest trip! I'd definitely act all sorts of 15.

Goodbye July. You'll be missed. Then again, Autumn is my favorite time of year, so I'm kind of ready for it.

Kris said...

Oh, you should definitely just do it! I'd never really been to one, either, so it was on my list too.