Sunday, July 18, 2010

Link Overload (In a Good Way)

So some pretty sweet bloggers have been linking me on their blogs.  Over, like, the last two months.  Yeah, that's how marvelous I am at passing on awards.

But well I'm here I may as well say a few things.  Shout-out to #69.  Follower, people.  She's redheaded riter.  Which is pretty awesome 'cause now I am too.  Well, you know, like heavily auburn.  It's the closest I could go well still looking halfway natural.  Check another one off.

Also, pretty sure my redhead friend got the awkwardness over and paved the way for #70.  She's also pretty impressive 'cause she found me on Twitter.  Anyway, see, followers seriously make my day.  I'm still excited every time I open my blog.  It's like blogger after-glow.  Thanks to you all.  Yes, I really wish I could link everyone.

So...  I suck at passing these things on.  I just like to tell you my favourite blogs.  And they'll probably never know.  Anarchist Project is posting this week.  I quite literally mean this week.  But he's so good!  And I also just discovered this new little blog Beat Up Boots. She has fifteen followers, which means you can be part of the discovery with me.  I'm still a little confused, but apparently 92% of what she posts is true.  Oh, and I totally am biased to Canadian bloggers.  Not sure why really...  Peter DeWolf writes poetry that even I think is hot.  I'm not a poem girl, so that's saying a lot.  And his really steamy stuff is even password protected.  At least, I assume that's why.  Between those three and my dear friends that awarded me (remember to click above) you've got your reading cut out for you.

And... oh yeah, and!  Remember The Big Give?  Of course you do.  It's underway with some classy competitors.  However, Mel has the Youtube channel underway.  Ok, so one movie is up.  But it's so cute! And I'm sure there'll be more to come.

I hope I haven't link fatigued you.  It's way too easy to go overboard.  I'm going away soon.  But only for a week.  So we need something to keep you going...  Cheers and all that good stuff!


Allison said...

Thanks Kris! You're pretty sweet too!

Kris said...

Blog love! :)

Kati said...

Hey Kris, just wanted to thank you for noticing my absence. ;-) It seems I can't stay on top of any blog I create, more posting for now.

You can find me on Facebook if you like. I might write some on there. Or I might not, as history would tell us!

Ricardo said...

Please feel free to check out my blog too:

Not Canadian, but Australian - the next best thing :)


Kris said...

Haha. Ok, Richard. I will, but only because you referenced the middle of the post. Oh, and you have "tiger" in your title.