Thursday, July 15, 2004

I'm so tired I feel like I'm about to fall off my chair.  And nobody look at the time, because 8:00 is maybe a little early to be feeling this way.  At least until you hear that I got up at four.  Picked/milked 'till 1:00, and returned for another stint at 2:30.  But I think I should at least stay up till 9:00, then that way maybe I can sleep my way to 4:00 to do it all over again.
I've decided the two biggest drawbacks to working regularly are:
1, Not nearly so much free time.  Hey, I love my free time.  I mean, there is way to much stuff to cram into it.  Like, maybe sitting around or reading a book.
2, Missing out on stuff.  As I left for work Meg headed to the river with friends.  As I stayed home family went camping.  As I sit here now, too tired to move, siblings play soccer.  It's gotta suck.
I've think my ideal job looks something like this.  Get up at an hour suitable for my interests.  Eat a leisurely breakfast followed by any other things I want/need to do.  Spend an hour working from my home, or, if I want to go to my workplace, Spend an hour with luckily employed friends.  After feeling fufilled for the morning (of course, this job involves only doing things I love), I take a lunch break meaning I can meander around town and try various restaurants.  Afternoon involves several more hours of work after which I return to my inviting house to spend my time as I please, free of errands and chores.  Days off are chosen at my whim.  I am self employed, of course.  I make enough to keep myself comfortable.  Maybe all friends are employed by me so I give them days off when I want.  Oh yeah, did I mention that this job also requires me to take trips around the world for no apparent reason except observe various cultures and improve my understanding of people in general?
If anyone hears of a job opening like this that doesn't require any secondary education let me know and I'll send in my resume.
For now, let's see if I can make it for much longer before it's off to bed with another long day ahead.

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