Tuesday, July 06, 2004

When I was little I invented this dream of walking across Canada by rail. Yes, I suppose I was a much more ambitious youngster then I grew up to be. Still, the dream persists, although I know it will never happen. Oh, don't give me any comments about the impracticality of it, I'm quite aware. I suppose I'm pessimistic enough you probably shouldn't fuel it. I know it would take far too long, it would be dangerous for a young girl (one part of being a girl which desperately sucks), I would get caught in awful weather, ect.
Still, every time I wander down the tracks they seem to call me on. They have this certain allure. There's something so intriguing about seeing this country by the route on which it was built. The railway evokes such a sense reminisce, adventure, and sunshiney days. I guess it comes from spending my life growing up next to the tracks. I don't ever remember being woken by the train whistle but if I hear it at night I simply find it a very secure sound. On our first trip to Mexico I missed it, but didn't realize 'till my first night home when I heard it.
So I'll never walk across Canada by rail. Through the wilderness, the small towns, and the cities. But it's still fun to think about. Man, the adventures, trials, and triumphs one would experience.
Now hopping freight cars, that would be a whole experience on it's own...
Yeah, I'm a dreamer, and not much else.

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