Saturday, July 17, 2004

Let me tell you about my boss.  He's an older fella, and such a character.  His name...well, maybe I'd best not tell you his name.  But it's quite good.  Whenever he brings out a cookie or whatnot well milking he calls it a morsel.  He makes a point of scratching his cows, and rides around the farm on a rickety old bicycle.   
Here's the part I want to get to.  Today he asked me if I was into natural .  How do you answer that?  He proceeded to tell me about this great natural stuff called Willards Water and how it was so good for burns and scrapes and things.  He had a book he was going to lend me, but decided somebody else needed it more.  Five minutes later he returned with a spray bottle of the stuff and said he'd give me some to try.  I was kinda interested, sounded interesting anyway. 
He then started telling me how he uses it to brush his teeth.  Makes them whiter and makes gums healthy.  And how if you put it in your hair it will detangle faster.  Ect.  I must admit that's the point I started to get somewhat skeptical.
As I left I grabbed my sample of Willards Water and sprayed some in my mouth.  The stuff looks, tastes, and smells exactly like, well, water.  I could almost swear that's all it is.  I don't know what he mixes in there.  The website says something about road salt and canola oil (?).  Also some Scientific lingo and stuff that I don't get.
Now, tell me that's not a scam.  But my boss, he swears by it.  And I'm not the only one he's trying to convert.  Well, I'll try it, why not?  The stuff was free, and water doesn't hurt anyone.
Edit: sorry, my link isn't working. is where it is.

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