Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Most of my family is off camping. Well I slave away. My schedule has just taken off again including about a twelve hour work day. Ah well, it's only for a couple weeks. I'm young, I wonder how far I can push that. My knees are already nigh those of an old lady's.
My eating habits aren't real good either. I don't eat much fast food, drink much pop, or whatnot. But they could still be better. Heh, for lunch I had a fudgicle. When I'm on my own I really eat a nasty diet. Plus, not a lot of excercize since judo ended. Some hiking and biking but that's about it. Oh, and soccer when I can fit it in. I must've put on ten pounds. I'm not weight sensitive, but I feel better when I'm in shape and eating right. Maybe if this milking job keeps up I'll be able to take judo again in the fall.
Anyway, another pointless post by yours truly. Wish me luck *yawns*.

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