Friday, June 11, 2004

I challenge you to do something different today. If you never put salsa on you k.d. try it. If you haven't gotten the courage to wear those tie-dyed pants in the back of you closet anywhere, do it today. Go hiking, ride your bike somewhere. Learn how to make quality cheesecake. If you never go to the library, I pity you. Do it. If you only ever go to the library to get movies, I pity you even more. Read something besides your seventeen magazine. Check out the local thrift store. Go jogging in the rain (don't wear a white shirt). Do your hair different. Go rock climbing (be safe). Look at your city's tourist attractions. Write an old friend a letter. Call a new friend. Try doing the splits or holding you breath for a minute (I once made two). Play ring and run (but leave something nice on the doorstep). Start a club. Plan a trip. Write a poem. Pretend for a minute that you don't have any reputation to protect.
And if you don't like my ideas, think of your own.

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