Saturday, June 05, 2004

Yesterday I heard a sprinkler. I think I was standing on a board ten feet above pavement trying to hang soffit. But it gave me reason to stop for a few seconds. Every-one knows the sound of the sprinkler, and man, it sounds like summer. It's probably been years since I ran through a sprinkler (we don't water our lawn) but yeah, summer's here.
Now, let's not mention that today's soccer game was cancelled because of rain.
Yesterday I was also walking down the lane. Not to play with friends or have a picnic in the pasture, just to get to the shop and leave for work. But walking past the "berry tree" reminded me of all the hours I spent climbing it, playing under it, and stuffing my mouth full of berries. Heck, we still have a mailbox under there that's survived for years, and it's been almost as long since it's been used. It's like I was almost back there for a few secs. Almost, but I had to get to work.
Not to mention that the saskatoons are still small and green and hard.
I love summer. Favorite season. I just wish I could have back a few summer vacations. Or extend them for a few more years. Long days with not much to do but read and play with friends.
What a life!

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