Tuesday, June 29, 2004

I'm scaring myself again. Because tonight I'm realizing that hanging out and goofing off are only really associated with highschool. And that better not be fact because I haven't made enough of it. I'm worried. Do graduates get away with it too? I mean, of course you can always have friends at all walks of life. But I'm getting this feeling that highschool friendships only really take place in highschool. And I know my reasoning doesn't make a lot of sense. But really, when I look at almost all the adults I know they never really seem to just hang out. It's probably offensive to punch your friends past twenty. Yeah, I can hear you laughing, but I'm worried about it. I mean, man, if your really expected to grow up I'm in trouble here. I suspect getting married is part of it, and most the adults I know are married, and I won't be, so maybe I'm safe. But anyway, if it really is true. If I'm really supposed to look at friendship over a cup of coffee from now on, God help me.

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