Sunday, June 27, 2004

I finally have time to sit down and write a blog post.
It's been pretty hetic since Friday, which is when I had my graduation party. It was great. So much of it was a surprise. Since I've been living out here for the past month my family did most of the organizing and everything. They did a really great job. For a basic run-over, it was kinda formal in dress. If I knew how to upload pictures to the internet I would post one here. I wore a plaid skirt and black lace-up top. (the girl in me was insisting I mention that). We had make-it-yourself taco salad. Then we had somewhat of a program. My family put on a crazy puppet play. I laughed till I cried. I sang (Jennifer Knapp's breathe on me, great song). Cor played the violin accompanied by Rach on piano. A sad attempt at twinkle little star (but you guys, I must admit, I appreciated it). A home movie of many of the clips we had of me. My Dad sung. Short serious bit with diploma, roses, and prayer. Tons of pictures. Lot's of compliments. Peanuts (comic book) napkins. Limbo (which, in all modesty, I won). Neighbor boy on the bagpipes *G*. All in all it pretty much came off exactly the way I was hoping. My mom put together a great scapbook for me, I'm never motivated enough to do my own.
Afterwards I took lots of the girls back here for the night. I think there was ten of us although there was supposed to be fourteen, some couldn't spend the night. I was getting tired but we played the much tried and very true dutch blitz. Talked a bit and then went to bed. Abb and I were in the bed and talked until very late, we were of the impression that everyone was asleep. It wasn't until three that Cor raised her tired voice asking us to be quiet. So we whispered instead *G*. It was getting light when Cor gave up and crawled into bed with us. We did end up getting an hour or two of sleep. We were sprayed with silly string in the morning as we were the only ones still to tired to raise our heads from the pillows.
I really just had a lot of fun.
Sarah (B.) I don't know if you ever read this but I don't know if I properly thanked you for making crepes for breakfast. They were great. I'm still eating the leftovers. We watched t.v. and goofed off some more till I took everyone into town and went to my parents house for supper and to open my gifts. I was so thoughly showered with presents. There was so much stuff that I can tell thought went into. So much stuff I can really use when I get my place. I'm totally grateful.
By time I got home I was tired (go figure), so it was to bed and up early to go to church with Jolah. Hour and half drive there and back. Interesting experience. Neat church, boring picnic. Enough said. Straight to park for usual Sunday games afterwards.
So there, a very informative, boring, and unreflective post. I usually try to avoid these kind but since it was my graduation I'm going to be inconsiderate and do it anyway.
I only want to say, I don't feel any different for being graduated. So please don't ask. But there's that little voice in the back of my head which is trying to speak up louder now. It's another step over with, and when I think about it, It's a pretty big step. I won't be going back to school next fall. I'll never be in highschool again. And, although I don't dwell on it much, it's just some new feelings. That's about the only difference I can think of.
I'm not explaining myself very well. And I'm lacking the will to come up with a way to right now. So that's all I'm going to say. I guess it's something you can't understand unless you experience it.
Thanks to everyone who doesn't read this, but helped make it a success. Thanks to everyone who supports me, prays for me, and showed up. Life wouldn't be right without you guys. I really appreciate it.
And if anyone got through this post, don't you have anything better to do? Love you guys.

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