Sunday, June 06, 2004

Sixty years ago today the allies landed on Juno beach. Thanks to our boys who risked their lives to end fascist rule, to free countries, and most of all, to keep my nation whole.
And to those who actually lost their lives. You couldn't have given more.
I don't champion politics. I don't appreciate the amount of rule forced on us. I really don't like governments who go to war under false pretenses or petty concerns.

"If only the King and President could be here to witness the horror their quarrels have caused."
-A Canadian woman (not a completely accurate quote, sorry)

Still, I am completely thankful to those who faced the dirty work in WWII. I hope the citizens of our country today have the same courage they did. And Judgment good enough to know when to use it.
And I pray to God that he help us.

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