Wednesday, June 23, 2004

When I was at work today my brothers and a couple of their friends had a boys day out at my place. Actually, they just wanted to visit my nintendo. Now, they were very responsible. They washed their glasses, and didn't even touch the icecream although I told them to help themselves. If I were them I think I would've dived in with two spoons. But it's weird. I got here and the key was about an inch off from where I leave it. For a split second I thought I'd have to try break in. I never could pick locks. I got in and there was a glass of water on the shelf. I started thinking, heck, I don't even remember using that glass. It took me a few minutes to find the remotes. and when I went to use the washroom the toilet seat was up. Normal stuff when you live in a family of seven, but I'm used to knowing what everything should look like and where everything should be around here already. It was a bit interesting.
Anyway, I think they had fun. That's important. I might actually be a potential big sister who spoils her siblings. Gives 'em rides, buys 'em candy, and, most importantly, makes them feel cool. This is a totally new thing to me. Generally I'm the mean spit-fire sister who beats every-one up. Honestly, I haven't really beat anyone up for years. Heck, Joe gets upset if I sit on him for five seconds now. I can't remember the last time I beat Meg up. I used to sit on her for hours. But I've still managed to retain the reputation. Go figure.
Maybe it's a part of this growing up junk that you don't even notice until it happens.

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