Saturday, March 13, 2010

Not that I've been shying away from it, but I'll admit it here.  I like skinny jeans.
In fact, I always have.  Even in the nineties when my friends were wearing those ugly black bell bottoms.  Even when everyone would sit and say how they hated tight leg jeans.  I never wore them, simply because it wasn't socially acceptable.  Although I would admit a secret crush on them, and people would act like I was something of a freak.
I think it goes back to the fact that I remember when they were standard wear in the early nineties.  I remember dreaming up my ideal outfit which comprised of a particular t-shirt of mine with a pair of leggings.  I was about eight.  Needless to say, I was also happy when tights were acceptable again.
And, I think they look pretty good on me.  And I'm not a wispy slender build, btw.  I'm not fat but I am what I would describe as athletic and probably quite hourglass.  Read: I've got hips. I know girls who are probably more petite then I am who swear that tapered jeans look terrible on them.  I get enough compliments on mine, though.  maybe it's because my legs are a little too long for my body.
having said all that, I keep it age a little age appropriate.  This is a town viciously short of twenty-somethings, where the oldest skinny jeans walking down mainstreet are on a highschooler.  So I don't wear any with prints.  And I also think leggins with denim pattern and fake stitching are terrible and can only be attempted by gangly fourteen year olds.
I also hate them on guys.  Unless they're stunt bikers who can't wear wide legs, or really young skaters with very cool sneakers.
In short, and maybe I should have said this first so you could skip the rest of the post, I like the way they layer.  I love the way they look good with flats, converse, hikers or heels.  And I like the way they slide into my boots.  They look good cuffed, and even better scrunched.
I still like boot cuts.  I love the "boyfriend jean".  But I hope skinny jeans are here to stay.  at least for a decade, or so.

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