Friday, March 12, 2010

So lately I've been dipping my cyber-toe into a bigger wider world of blogging.  I'm pretty much a veteran if you count only time span.  However, the fact that most of those posts were read mainly by two sisters in Saskatchewan, a life long friend I no longer talk to, an ex who was trying to impress me at the time, and a missionary kid, I'm not to sure how much cred that actually gets me.  My domain name was cherrytomboy.  Need I say more?
Online blogger sites are my new hobby.  it's not even about blogging, any more.  It's about screwing around with my template, getting on feeds, reading what would be stacks of random blogs that I have discovered I can have limitless access too and trying to master the art of following.  I've always enjoyed these glimpses into stranger's lives.  Even back when I was seventeen, 20sb bloggers didn't exist, and scanning meant clicking "next blog" and seeing what came up.  Even if it was a business site in Mandarin. 
Ultimately, though, I'm blogging for myself.  The mini-community I was part of originally have all moved on from the blogosphere.  Can you believe I was nominated for featured blogger once?
Now I like looking back for glimpses of my own life.  Remembering the posts that I was particularly proud of, although all my comments were on Haloscan and, consequently, lost. 
I'm working on the rust.  A wire brush is in order.  Hopefully with a little practice I can return to enjoying my own blog as much as I enjoy other people's.

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