Sunday, March 28, 2010

Remember my challenge to treat my hometown as somewhere new and exciting?  My interpretation?  Free swing dance class.
I was, oddly, a touch nervous as I walked into the hall.  Visions played in my head of old women in leopard-print skirts and men in tight sport jackets.  This was only very partially correct.  The class was extremely small and I was certainly the youngest.  Imagine my glee at finding I'd arrived in time for the last class of the series.  I'd meant to attend the week before, but had abandoned in favour of hockey.
We learned basic lindy-hop.  My fears of looking like a complete eejit faded as my college-age mind and my judo-trained reflexes stepped up.  The one male in the class made good spirited jokes about his beer belly and failed to absorb any concepts along with his wife, an attractive blond who moved like a ballerina as she missed steps on her attempted swivle.
Fortunently the instructor, Beth made an excellent lead, for a girl, and she had time to work with me.  I remembered the country swing bar I atteneded recently.  Suave cowboys moving me around the floor.  If there was one thing I learned there it's that a strong lead can work wonders.  Among the top disadvantages of being single is not having an automatic dance partner.
I love to dance.  I always have, pouring over books of Angelina Ballerina when I was five.  That is one complaint I do have in this town of aging rednecks.  Apart from my living room, boxers and music collection very few opportunities exist.  At 18 my girlfriends and I would waltz or line dance on my front deck.  I'm sure the neighbors assumed we'd gone postal.  And, being the tomboy farm girl then, I developed a really strong lead ability.  A definite problem when it came to future boyfriends.
But... I had a lot of fun at this swing dance class!  Beth grinned across from me as I picked up on the steps.  She is young, new to town, and milks cows for a living.  Which is something I just happen to know about.  She invited me to a swing conference coming up admitting that I'm a beginner, but encouraging me by telling me I'm good.  I will probably have to work, but if not I may try go.  Why wouldn't I be up for a challenge, a roadtrip, a new friend, and a chance to swing all weekend?
Next idea.  Touring a local brewery and winery.


Holly Renee said...

I love your idea of making your hometown new. There are so many cool things to do everywhere and I'm afraid I miss out on a lot of stuff when I'm at home because I don't try. The winery will be fun too. Can't wait to hear about it.

Joy DeTete said...

That is awesome! I know how you feel about having the strong lead.. I am one of the taller girls in my group of friends so I usually assume that position... I need to find a man who can dance well enough that I don't just take over LOL
Let us know how the brewery goes!..Maybe you will get free samples?!