Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I've always said I don't get depressed.  I've always stuck by this statement pretty well.  I do, however, get pissed off.  Seems like this time of year I end up frustrated at almost everything.  It's like I'm  suddenly realizing that summer was far too carefree.  And that somewhere, in the suntanned bliss of eternal youth, I turned yet another year older.

I wish it didn't happen.  I get to thinking about where I am, what I'm doing, and who exactly that makes me.  Very very dangerous questions.  Especially when you don't have good answers.  And dammit, I do not have good answers.

I like to redirect my energy.  I love skating hard and scoring goals.  I like getting slammed into the mats by kids with brown belts.  I like pretending the little things I've accomplished matter.

I love arguing.  Always have, always will.  It's a skill I've honed until I'm pretty good at it.  Which is too bad, because that's not a beneficial thing.  Especially when I don't have anyone to argue about anything worthwhile with.

Either that or I employ frighteningly brilliant avoidance tactics.  The fact that I have no television doesn't even help that much.  I'm just that good.

And I don't get Seasonal Effective Disorder.  Yeah.  Right.


Riley Carson said...

Vitamin D helps.

I'm like you in the fall, partially because the Fall coincides with getting one year older, followed by the most expensive holiday in all of man kind!

I get moody, I get angry. My diet goes haywire because all iw ant is to drink sugary dessert drinks, and drown myself in tiramisu. Which ends in an exercise binge, which ends in pain. Then it all starts over again.

In spite of all this, I still like fall. I think it's the colors.

Kris said...

Everything you've said makes sense to me. Right down to the colours.

Well, except I look forward to Christmas with an eager sort of anticipation...