Wednesday, October 06, 2010


I mismatched my hair elastics sometimes just to piss you off .  Because you needed to lighten up and learn that red and orange on my braids was fun.  Sometimes I pretended I didn't care, and you didn't call my bluff.  Sometimes I held your hand in the backseat and decided to think that no one noticed.

Sometimes I told people it was nothing.  I told them what I couldn't stand so they would believe me.  I told myself it wouldn't happen, and wasn't happening, and would never happen.

Sometimes I got tired of being the strong one.

You let me cut your hair, and wore the shirts I got you.  I looked in your eyes.  That was my mistake.  Your eyes, your phone voice, your endless adoration.

Oh, did I say endless?  My mistake.  Oh, no, wait.  Yours.


Tabs A. Geek said...

Heartbreaking and beautiful.

Riley Carson said...

Wow, that's a pretty haunting piece.

Anonymous said...

I like mismatched scrunchies.
They add some spark.

It is indeed someone's loss if they missed appreciating it.

Anonymous said...

reading your blog is almost like visiting you. Except your more vulnerable here. How come you can be more vulnerable to random strangers on the internet? Or, I guess they're not random strangers to you...just to me.
I loved your article and I heard your paid now! That's rad