Saturday, May 08, 2004

I think I have comments. Really, I think I do. Thanks to essy. You rock. Also, many thanks to Hannah, who offered to help me with them should I need it. Your generosity is huge. Now if I don't have comments this will look really stupid and I shall come back and edit it pronto.
I want to write something witty and thought provoking tonight. Something to stretch your mind, make you reflect. Heck, maybe even make you think.
But I can't.
Maybe it's my sleep lacking brain. Who knows? The only things I can think of are how to plant greenhouse strawberry plants, What a homeschool conference leaves me thinking, and how it feels to eat curry at an Aunt's who knows how to cook. none, I'm sure, which will particularily interest you.
And now, should the mood catch you (and even if it doesn't), comment away! (although not necessaily on this post *G*).

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