Sunday, May 02, 2004

I think I'll go out to the park today. It's been a couple weeks. I still think I'd better not play anything unless it's volleyball though. Yesterday we went to a pizza dinner/bibleschool skit night thing at the Baptist church. I was having fun being anti social but ended up playing a bit of 3 on 3 basketball. Which was o.k., except I had to ferociously suck on cough candies, and eventually sat down. Meg and Abb joined me after basketball fell apart and said I looked freaky. Which I did. I was all one shade of yellow with brown bags under my eyes. Almost like I had half my make-up on for a horror movie of sorts. It went down after a bit but warned me that I'd not better enough to do much yet. I'm always looking a little pale but it's been so long I think it's normal.
Yesterday Meg and I were going to have this big lunch thing, and two people showed up. It was still good fun though. But I've probably almost said to much already, since it's secret. But I don't think anyone reads this who will matter (no offense to anyone who reads this).
yesterday was so hot it felt like late June. It's crazy though, since there's still snow on the mountain. And I couldn't help myself but comment on the weather this time, although I usually try refrain.

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