Sunday, May 23, 2004

I was baby-sitting this little kid, four years old. Cute enough, but an absolute potential terror. I put on little mermaid, because he said he wanted to watch it, which he didn't. Anyway, we went through all that, I don't remember watching it other then once when I was a little kid myself. After it finished I was pouring out a few lines of that song she (little mermaid) sings in the movie. I pick up on songs pretty fast. I guess it was suited to my voice well enough, so it was fun.
The kid looked at me, "how do you do that? Do it again" I did, "now do it one more time," I did.
He looked at me dead seriously and goes, "beautiful".

I love little kids, when they're not being brats, which is only a small percentage of the time. Plus, I think this one is going to have a fair bit of musical talent himself.

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