Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Today I was driving through town. Minding my own business as usual. Well I was waiting at a stop sign a school bus pulled up wanting to turn, umm, past me, however you say that in proper driving language. So since people, even little kids, are interesting, I watched through the window, as I'd nothing better to do. I had time to notice a little girl with big eyes and curly hair on top of her head. She stuck out, for some reason. I'm not entirely sure why. She was just kind of staring out the window, with fake fur 'round her neck. But she's not the point of my story. I also noticed a chubby little girl. I've seen more of them around more then usual. The kids that ore likely then not will battle obesity for the rest of their lives. Probably part of a statistic on obese children. When you think about it, its kinda sad. What other society has to battle children starving themselves to look good and children without control of their eating habits? However, these two little girls would be lost from memory, but I thought about it for a bit because...
As the school bus turned I was looking through the window for other kids to think about. Near the back I noticed a little boy with shaggy hair, the hyper kind. And he looked familiar so after a few seconds I realized it was a kid from the junior class in judo. So I smiled and waved. He was blank for another second and then his face kinda lit up and he managed to return my wave before the bus swept by. I imagined him telling the kid next to him how he knows me from judo. 'Cause I remember being little and knowing big kids. Even though he probably doesn't know my name and I hardly know his it made me happy for about ten minutes. I drove down the highway grinning to myself. So there, I thought I'd share it with you.
On an entirely different note, my nails are blue. The kind of blue that you can imagine the sky being on the deepest of June days. As much as it's a gorgeous colour it looks weird being on my nails. My brother handed me the paintbrush after he was finished painting his model and told me to do my nails. Apparently it doesn't come off, but I think they're wrong, because it is already. Anyway, those of you who don't know me won't think it's weird that I painted my nails, those of you who do might be at least be chortling to yourselves.
My hair is also wavy/kinky which is cool. I can get away with it because it happened when Mom gave me two french braids and my hair wasn't 100% dry. In other words, It's the product of my being lazy and sleeping with braids instead of a product of my standing in front of a mirror.
But now I must go mow the lawn because I can't take the van to biblestudy until I do. I don't like having it be a control issue. Anyway, like I said...

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