Monday, May 10, 2004

Tonight I was driving to judo. I tend to do that a lot on Monday nights. I got stuck behind an ancient metallic brown Chevy. Now not that I have anything against metallic brown chevys to start with. But I thought I was running behind. I wanted to A. Get a gift certificate. B. Go to the bank. C. Drop off b-day cards at a friend's. D. Pay at judo.
My driving looked like this. Gas, brake, gas, brake, gas, brake. And it's not even that the truck was going below the speed limit. Because it wasn't. And here I thought I was the laid back sort. I told myself, "why are you driving like this? You're stuck behind the stupid Chevy. So just relax, because you can't pass him and there's nothing else you can do about it." unfortunately I don't always listen to myself.
By the way. I've decided to give my loyalty to Ford.
I ordered my gift certificate via a drive through.
For those of you who want something to laugh at country folks for, I'd never used a drive through before. That and I apologized to someone who stepped on my toe on a NY city subway.
Anyhow, I could swear I would've got the certificate quicker had I just gone in. I sat in my van steaming away and at one point yelling through the window that they'd better hurry up. Of course, being from the country. I first made sure they couldn't hear me. Finally, "Gift certificate?"
"Alright, five dollars."
"Have a nice day."
"Oh, you too!"
We're just too dang polite around here.
Even after banking and dropping around at the friends I managed to be on time. So life is like that. To use a phrase I don't often. Chill out.
And one more thing. I'm posting as an orange belt. Tested tonight. Passed. Rock on. I can't resist the urge to...brag? Show-off? No, inform you. So there, you know.

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