Saturday, May 01, 2004

I smell like old spice. Sometimes when I don't put on my deodorant first thing in the morning I'll wear my Dad's which only requires going to the bathroom instead of going up to me room. The only problem is I then smell like old spice all day. It's not that I mind guys deodorant, because that's what I wear anyway. But old spice definitely is a guys, I guess because my Dad and all wears it. It's funny how we can identify smells with things. More then just smell actually. Basically any sense. For years Rs. James' c.d. transform reminded me of the Organ coast because that was the first time I really listened to it very often. It reminded Cor or cherry picking, because when we were camping out together was the first time she really listened to it a lot. The only thing that reminds me of cherry picking first round is Mr. Cor's Dad's old house, which I'll probably never go in again. But because I never went in it very often then that's what I associate with it. And there's taste too. Still, now and then when I'm eating something I'll get a definite taste of Mexican and, bang, I'm back in La....secret vacation village...for a half sec. And then it's gone. It's awesome. But I've decided you can't bring it on. I also can't think of anything that I can feel that will bring me back anywhere so maybe that's one sense it doesn't work on.
But for now I'll smell like old spice and every guy that wears it. At least old spice works. Not like that other cheap deodorant I wear (which smells like some guy at judo, I just can't figure out which one).

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