Friday, April 30, 2004

Lol, quite often when I visit blogger I will stop by one or two of the recently published blogs and see what's up in the lives of miscellaneous people all over the globe. There's actually a lot more that aren't in English then I would expect. Sometimes I'll click on a Spanish one for the joy of trying to stumble through a post or two. Anyway, I just got out of this blog that daily listed the food consumed and the morning weight of someone who's about 175 pounds. It was deathly boring but quite hilarious at the same time. The poor lady has just decided to take up the atkins diet. May her health remain somewhat stable. If I had nothing else to do and no interests or life at all I think I should just follow peoples blogs, without letting them know. I hope nobody spontaneously wanders into mine.
Today I consumed:
two waffles with syrup. One homemade bun with ham, cheesewhiz and mustard. One tuppaware cup of pudding. Numerous glasses of water. Actually, I think that's it so far.
morning weight: this is just stupid. Hang on I'll go check. 126 pounds.
lol, and I hope nobody takes the time to read this post. Because it's even dumber then this mornings.
Also today went second hand shopping. Got funky old coat that I'll never wear and a pair of boxers that I wasted twenty five cents on (at your church rummage sale Cor!) and then directly afterwards realized the crotch was ripped out. Other then that, just bought a chronicles of Narnia book.

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