Friday, April 30, 2010

Bloggerstock: The Internet is Eating My...

It's bloggerstock day!  I'm over blogging my take at Mel's wonderful blog, Mel Learns her lesson.  Come visit with me.  Also, if you're unfamiliar with bloggerstock, please check it out.  In short, we're a blog ring all writing about the same topic.  We're opening the craziness to the general blogging public, and would love to have you play.  I'm excited today to be hosting Ella.  She's remarkable.  Read her bio at the bottom.

My whole self. And I liked it.

I cannot run away,

something compells me to stay,

I don't refuse,

I give myself

to the Internet.

Am I addicted?

Am I obsessed?

Who knows


answer to that,

I only know,

that I want


It is with this childish poem that I express my feelings on the topic.

It's just like the Riddler's machine, it's as if the Internet sucked all our energy and intelligence to blend it in a single place. Why do I want to continue with this, even being aware of this idea? I wish I could answer.

Everything I need is in here. That, except for food and drink.

If only my laptop fed me, I guess I wouldn't need to leave the room ever again.

How dangerous.

But dangerous is always fun. Yes, it's fun and that's why I will let the Internet eat all of me, until all there is left of me is my soul.

Ella Unread- Pedestrian between teen years and adulthood...  Terribly random and never afraid to show the way I feel...  Willing to be considered the modern Joseph Conrad one day.  Not an easy goal, I must admit.

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Alex said...

Ella, you make me feel like I should have been a little more creative with what I wrote. Maybe I am just suffering from what Risha wrote about! I enjoyed your post!

Ella Unread said...

Lol, thanks Alex, though I am feeling like I should have been more creative myself :( I say it's Mel's fault for choosing such a hard topic, lol.
Luv ya Mel ♥

Anonymous said...

Loved it, Ella! You had/have nothing to worry about!
What a fun post- very creative with the drawing!

The internet as an all-consuming temptress. I'm on board with that!

Kris said...

Ella! It was an honour hosting your post! Thanks, and I declare bloggerstock a general success.

Ella Unread said...

Wow guys, I'm getting bloglooove! Thank you so much for your kind words and your warm blog, Kris :)

Anonymous said...

the internet doesnt control you, you control it!Dont worry poo bear-Ella unread. Love the post, keep up the imagery!

Angel1649 said...

Ella, how true! I think we can all understand this as some point! Great Blog!

Anonymous said...

I can relate Ella!

I always love your drawings. It's a genius way of expressing how you really feel.

Mel said...

Did anyone else read "If only my laptop fed me, I guess I wouldn't need to leave the room ever again" and think that would be the most awesome thing ever?

Ella, lovely post. I have been wondering lately whether to run for dear life from this new online world that is slowly taking over my life, or whether I should embrace it and make the most of every moment. Your post made me lean towards the latter.

However, Kris' post told me to run for it. I think I'll listen to yours ;)

Booya said...

At first I thought it was a shark in the artwork. Then realized it a laptop. I love it!