Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Me in Threes

The truly worthwhile Risha (yup, the same who's got the list going with me) has tagged me in that list of three thing that's going around like the flu.  I'm quite pleased, actually, since I was being to lazy to think of something to write by myself.  So we're off.

Three names I go by:

1. Kris.  I almost shouldn't count this as I'm rarely called my full name.
2. Cristina.  Or some variation if I'm in Mexico or Qc.
3. Canada.  Because everyone gets their home country when they travel.

Three jobs I’ve had:

1. Construction assistant.  That was back in highschool, and again at a heritage villiage
2. Recreation co-ordinator at extended care.  Through a volunteer program.
3. Milker/farmhand.  Longest held to date.

Three places I’ve lived:

1. A school bus in Mexico.  Six months at most.
2. Marathon Ontario.  For three months.  Active little mining town on lake superior.
3. The Negev, Israel.  But only well I volunteered there for a month.

Three favourite drinks:

1. Freshly squeezed orange juice.  Peferably from Morrocco or Mexico.
2. Horchata.
3. Chia.

Three TV shows I watch:

I actually very rarely watch t.v.  When I do it's often a classic comedy or occasionally some form of reality, I'm afraid. We'll say,
1. Sienfeld
2. Project Runway
3. Friends

Three places I’ve been:

1. Bulgaria
2. Jordan
3. Laos

Three places I’d like to visit:

1. Peru.  Or South America in General.
2. Sudan
3. Cambodia

Three favourite retro TV shows:

Again with the t.v. shows...  Are these retro yet?
1. Sienfeld
2. Frasier
3.Nope.  Just two...

Three favourite dishes:

1. Thai curries
2. Anything my Mexican neighbors would cook.
3. chocolaty peanutbuttery cheesecakey stuff

Three things I’m looking forward to:

1. Moving into my house.
2. Creation Fest.  Hopefully.
3. Summer

Three people I’m tagging:

1. Bobby.  Inside the Mind of BooyaBobby
2. Joy.  Chocolate Chips & Vice Grips
3. Ella.  The STUPIDEST corner of my mind.

All right, guys.  Do your thing.  But I warn you, now that I'm done it's not actually a lazy blog post.  You'd be much better to spew off something poetic.

Also Mish and,again, Rish awarded me this!  How great is it that they rhyme?  There are some good links here.  Click, people!  However, I'll just thank them and leave it there since I've already recieve this one.


Kara said...

Wow! You have traveled. A lot! Also, I LOVE Mexican food and Thai curries. Also, anything involving chocolate and peanut butter. Good choices.

And sometimes, I wish I could knock on my neighbors' door and ask for some of the delicious-smelling Chinese food, but they are rude and anti-social.

Ella Unread said...

Aw thanks for tagging me...hmmm...I'm not a fan of memes but I guess I'll save it for those days when inspiration doesn't show up :P

Booya said...

Excellent Me in 3 Kris. :) Thanks for the tag. I forgot to tag people in mine.

Anonymous said...

Heh. I love how incestuous we all are with our blogrolls.

We need to go travel together to a place neither of us have ever be. Serious.

Kris said...

Kara, do you follow any food blogs? :)

Ella, As stated, no worries! People should click the link anyway.

Bobby, again with the link thing. :)

Rish, I would love love that. Maybe one day... *wistful sigh*

TabithaVenasse said...

Erm, love you made a bit of an error. The author of Chocolate Chips and Vice Grips is Joy, not Megan :P

Kris said...

Uh oh... Thank you!!

kisekae said...

nice post! i agree that we all need to meet up at some point! :)

Anonymous said...

Great Me in 3's list Kris.

Haha! Mish and Rish did rhyme. ;)

Dr. Heckle said...

That's true, you do get the label of your home country when you travel anywhere!

My three names are:

2)Awesome 2
3)Slinky (Just sounds cool. "Whatup Slinky?!)

Just found your blog! Following you now!