Saturday, April 17, 2010

Top Ten Sexiest Accents

Let's face it.  Girls like boys with accents.  So, my countdown.

10. French-  Oh, I didn't want to put this one in.  I have nothing for French Men, and care little for the language.  But in interest of of girls everywhere I'll pretend I mean Quebecois artists.

9. Italian- Italians are a little dangerous.  Nice to look at, but that's all.  Actually, they're also a little nice to listen to.

8. Finnish- Had to include a Scandanavian country.  Fins are cool.  Plus, Finnish is mildly related to Asian languages.  Spoiler warning: I hope that lets me off the hook for not including any real Asian languages.

7. The Drawl- Let's be straight.  There's nothing hot about Texans, stetsons or cowboy boots.  Nothing.  What I'm going for here are Southern Gentlemen who want to treat you like a lady.

6. Canadian- Well, the Americans get the drawl, so I have to be patriotic here.  And there's something about a boy from home.  Besides, my good foreign blogger friend Mel says they sound nice, and I trust her judgement.

5. British- They just sounds better then us in the silliest of ways.

4. Australian- Again, probably not smart dedicated relationship material.  It's like summer fling on steroids to listen to.

3. Spanish- Not the Whiney Mexican accent that popped into your mind.  A deep Spaniard accent, all the better if punctuated with real Spanish words.

2. Jamaican- I don't know what makes them so cool.  Do you?  Sounding cool when you talk just ups attractive factor by quite a bit.

1. Scottish- Number one.  Period.  Now and forever.


Lariats and Lavender said...

I LOVE accents. My wife has always surprised me, because she can throw on almost any accent. And that is so sexy, in my opinion!

My two MAJOR favorites (from your list) is Italian - my wife is a major part Italian and that's actually one reason why I started crushing on her seven years ago. :P I'm also a little Italian. I love everything about Italy, Italian culture, the Italian language, Italian food, Italian people... Everything!!!

Plus I'm proud that I come from the home of Al Capone!

She is also Scottish and her Scottish accent is to die for. It's just... Amazing. So hott!

The Drawl - Oh my god, I love everything country. I'm a cowgirl, she's a cowgirl. We've lived and worked in rodeo jeans, boots, stetsons and button up shirts. There's something very sexy about a cowgirl whispering in your ear, singing along to the radio and just talking.

British and French are gorgeous because British is "dirty" to me and French is soft and innocent. Both sexy.

Finnish, Canadian, Australian, Jamaican are "eh" for me. Jamaican can be hott, but it's not my most favorite.

Spanish is my least favorite.

Anonymous said...

British accent! I find it sexy and charming...

Allison said...

I agree with most - but I'd move French closer to the front. I also have to say I enjoy the French-Canadian accent more than Parisian.

I totally agree with Scottish being the sexiest. British is hot too, but I'd include Irish as well.

i have a weird one though...I have a thing for Russian and Eastern European accents. Not sure why.

Oh man - I'm so glad you put the Drawl...I also love southern US accents.

Kara said...

I gotta go with Irish guys as my number one hot guys with accents. I hear that and wow... ;)

And sorry girls, but growing up in the South, I can't hold out any love for the Southern drawls and accents. Just glad I avoided developing too much of one myself.

Kris said...

Oh! such quick comments! I must have happened across a topic we all like ;).

I considered Irish, but sadly couldn't hear it in my mind, so it got scratched. :(

Being half Brit I think my opinion of that one is a little biased, in a negative way. Still, 5 isn't bad. I can see the charm, but it'll never be dirty to me.

Allison, Russian was the eleventh that didn't quite make the cut! Funny, really. I somehow couldn't justify it... Haha. Also, completely agree with the French Canadian thing! Hence the one line ode to QC artists! I just can't feel the whole Parisian French accent thing.

Allison said...

I can't justify Russian's just something I enjoy in an odd way.

And if I could move to another city in Canada it would be Montreal.

Mel said...

Nice list. I do love the sound of a boy from back home, although it worries me you think our boys are only good for summer flings. All the boys I know are keepers.

Love an Irish accent. I would have put french a little higher on the list.

English is funny. I'm not sure I like their accents at all. Hm...

Great post!! :)

Anonymous said...

I see everyone else got to this before me- "Irish accents?" Love an Irish accent.

French people speaking English- I find that really, really hot. Agreed on the Spanish and Scottish though.

I think it depends with the English accent: is it Cockney or Mancunian or Brummy..

Either way- great post!

p.s: Mel, ship some of those keepers over, will you? ;) xx

TabithaVenasse said...

Yep. Scottish is definitely number one. I would say followed by Irish.

Kris said...

I'm so sorry, ladies. Next time I will be sure to include Irish!

Mel, I must agree with Risha. Let the introductions begin! Sorry, you guys have a bit of a, erm, international reputation. BUT, I've only ever personally met the travellers. Mostly in backpacker hostels, so that might explain my take...

Alex said...

I would also put Scottish at number 1, but I think that Israeli should be somewhere on the list.

Booya said...

never heard anyone refer to a southern accent as a Drawl.

Anonymous said...

Well I have to put my top as being Canadian or my boyfriend will throw a huffy! His accent is really charming but it did hook me in at first, and actually over the years I tend to notice it less and less. I suppose I've gotten use to it!

As an English girl the British accent isn't a draw, and maybe that's also the reason I'm not a fan of Scottish/Welsh/Irish accents because I heard them too often when I was in the UK.

The French accent is cute, they make English sound hot and when they get some fast flowing French going it's very droolworthy.

Norwegian accent is also very hot, just to add another Scandinavian one to your list. I have met a few Norsk guys and they sound really adorable and awkward when they have spoken English which is endearing. Viking men!

The Australian accent is pretty smoking whilst I think of it.

debi said...

Now THIS is a post I like! :) Accents.. *sigh* :)

Rainey said...

I love this post! Where is the Irish accent?? I used to date a boy when I lived in Dublin and constantly reminded him that he was about 30% cuter because of his accent.

Come to think of it, that's probably why we broke up. :)

Carly Findlay said...

I adore the Scottish, English and Irish accents.
Coming from Australia, I love an ocker Aussie.

Jie Hua said...

I love myself an african accent