Sunday, April 11, 2010

I Believe I'm Sorry the Season is Over

Today will definitely be our last day.  There's not doubt about that.  It's been a good run, despite my sojourn to southern states halfway through the season.  However, it's also been brutal.  You see, "Carving" is an essential skill in snowboarding.   One I'd ignored for, oh, a couple months seasons.  Prefering to look like a five year old, or maybe preferring not to compact my spine I'd always wimped out and just alternated my lead foot.

This is not me.  This is my brother.
He is far more talented then I am.

So, my first time out this year went something like this.  We didn't get snow until late, so craving a little board action we decided to drive up a summit and hike from there.  I, being brilliant, agreed to invite a friend of mine.  It was actually a very bad idea.  Mostly because only family members should be allowed to see me act like I did.  This form of behaviour could best be described as "spoiled brat".  It kind of built as we hiked in our boots, with our boards for two hours and slogged out through trees and powder.  Was good for one thing, though, I realized I needed to quit being so lazy and learn how to carve.

Well, my next trip was to a beautiful hill with sixty dollar tickets.  I wasted had a productive day killing myself in an attempt to learn.  I thought I never wanted to strap a board on again, and came home convinced I was too old for this.  However, through sheer pain I managed to master this skill by the end of the season (aka, today).  Now I'm trying to do little bunny hops.  I never learn.

But, and I do want to say this.  I am talented, people!  Twice I have pulled tricks that no one else I know has ever managed.  And people are impressed everytime I tell them. 

First, I hit myself in my head with my own snowboard.  Come now.  Mad skills.  that thing is only a few feet long and strapped to your feet.  I don't wear a helmet either.  Mostly because I'm a stupid person who takes risks... until I get a concussion/have my car stolen/enter senerio here.

Second, I caught both edges in a single fall.  When you catch an edge, you fly through the air and land on your head, or knees, or assosiated.  It hurts.  I did both together, somehow.  I'm still not sure how, but if I ever learn to repeat I may just make it my signature move!  "Hey guys!  Did you see that?  Kris just did her double-edge-catch!"  I can hear it now.


Mel said...

Teehee. You are hi-LAR-ious.

I have considered learning to snow board, but I'm about 100% sure I would make a massive fool of myself, so maybe I won't.

Allison said...

I wanted to try it this winter - but I don't even own snow pants and wasn't willing to spend the money on something I probably wouldn't get to do that much.

That said, I think I would be okay at it.

Kris said...

Oh, you both should try! Even though I just did a whole post whining about pain assosiated, it's actually tonnes of fun, and very highly addictive.
At least give it a shot.

Booya said...

ZOMG Kris did the double edge catch!

Rainey said...

Sylvia Plath scared the bejesus out of me with her passage about skiing in 'The Bell Jar'.

Of all the things in 'The Bell Jar' to traumatize me, and it had to be the passage about skiing.

Therefore my clumsy self has never been on any sort of board in the snow.