Saturday, April 24, 2010

First Northern Lights

That brilliant green streaked its way through the night sky above us.  He drew me close on that icy granite monument.

"What other firsts do we have?"

First song written for me.  First beard to run my fingers through.  First crush with glasses.  First time lying in someone's arms in the snow, or sneaking in at night past a sleeping roomate.

First time flirting makes me fully forget the job to be done or the fact that I care what people think.

First active lack of judgement.

First time forgiveness fails me.  First cold hard lies.  First time crying to my sister on the phone.

The vivid display fades it's hues into a black star-studded sky.  My head rests on his flannel shoulder and my trust is hopelessly gained.

"Let's have as many firsts together as possible."


Anonymous said...

You made me remember all those first times i had too!

I am surprised you could still think of those memories while beside someone you love. I might have a hard time doing that if i am in your position. ;)

TabithaVenasse said...

SOunds so cute :) I can't wait til the day when I can have those kinds of firsts.